Ellen Mae
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Firs of all You have to be older than 18 years

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What are your expectations from me?

I treat all my clients with respect and courtesy,
so this is number one thing I would expect. I am very
attracted  to men who are intelligent,
polite, easy-going, with a good sense of humour.
If you got those qualities, then I can’t wait to meet you.

Are your donations  negotiable?

Sorry, but no. I hope this that question was the last thing you wanted to know about me, because I love generous gentlemen. My rates mostly structured to encourage longer meetings, as I do love to make a connection with a a client. My personal approach allows to create a long-lasting, special, and professional relationships that are mutually beneficial.

I would love you to join me for vocation ?is it possible?

Absolutely yes! I love travelling and exploring places. As for now my next few dream destinations are Dubai, Asia, Monaco (even tho I’ve been there, this place is just magical, I would go there again and again!) also South Africa. If you have in mind to have an escape with me, please contact me about more details about donations and any other detail. I would love to be your arm candy at some exotic location!

Can we meet meet for a coffee/ drink before our private time or can I take you out?

It would be my absolute pleasure to meet you for a dinner, drink, coffee, movie night, theatre ect !i do enjoy social dates a lot ,because it gives a chance for a better connection and brighter memories. Please note that my time has to be compensated for that accordingly.